Meet our Instructors


Isaac Sandidge

National Top MHFA Instructor – 2021

MHFA Instructor: 5 years

Certified: Adult, Youth, Public Safety, Older Adults, Higher Education



Isaac has worked in mental health for over 10 years. He began his career with Centerstone of Illinois as a Wellness and Recovery Support Specialist before moving into the Director of Wellness and Recovery position with the agency. Isaac oversaw the case management, senior services, residential services, and primary and behavioral healthcare integration team with Centerstone. Isaac also worked for Chestnut Health Systems as the Associate Director of Housing where he assisted people living with severe and persistent mental illness that had experienced homelessness. Isaac currently works with the Missouri Institute of Mental Health as the Mental Health First Aid Missouri Project Coordinator. 

What I love about teaching MHFA

“I look forward to teaching this class every time I get the opportunity. I love to see the participants engage with the Action Plan. You can always see that ‘lightbulb moment’ when a First Aider suddenly realizes how these skills can immediately apply to their own life. They connect with a colleague, or a neighbor, or a family member and suddenly realize that they can make a huge impact. It’s an emotional moment and I love seeing it in every class.”

What others have said about Isaac

“I thought Isaac was a great presenter. He seemed very enthusiastic to teach us on the topic of mental health which made me excited for the course. Also, after people answered questions, he gave feedback on the answer and gave positive comments on our participation.”

“Isaac was absolutely incredible. He was positive, upbeat, and you can tell he has a passion for training people to become mental health first aiders!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed your style! Thank you!”

Kristina Sandidge MHFA IL

Kristina Sandidge

MHFA Instructor: April 2021

Certified: Adult, Youth



Kristina has worked in Mental Health at Chestnut Health Systems as a Peer Support Specialist in the Crisis Residential Unit. As a Peer Specialist, Kristina provided one on one services, facilitated recovery based groups and conducted intake for people experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis. Kristina also worked as a Central Access Specialist where she oversaw bed management and conducted assessments for incoming clientele for Chestnut Health Systems. After working with Chestnut Health Systems, Kristina took a role as a Substance Use Case Manager with the Macoupin County Health Department. In her role, Kristina conducted weekly groups with evidence-based curricula, engaged in community outreach efforts, assisted residents with gaining access to treatment facilities and general case management needs.

What I love about teaching MHFA

“I enjoy teaching others how to advocate for people that struggle to advocate for themselves. I love teaching people how to better understand mental health and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health challenges. I also love to see people become better advocates for themselves after learning these skills. I’ve been a Mental Health First Aider for over 5 years and use these skills every day. I use them in my professional life and personal life. I love this program because it can be applied to almost any situation.”

What others have said about Kristina

“Your care for us as we went through the training was appreciated. Your knowledge and prior life experiences added to the training.”

“Kristina obviously knew her material and presented it with a professional demeanor.”